Going Technical

Posted on Sun 08 March 2009 in General

For the most part I’ve use this space for very infrequent updates about what I and the family have been up to.  The need to do that has been largely supplanted by Facebook and (to a lesser extent) Twitter.  So, I’ve decided to re-purpose this blog for nerdy technical content.

All four of us are on Facebook, and Samantha and I (Jason) can both be found on Twitter, so follow our goings on over there, and check back here for nerdy tech stuff.

Package Tracking Insanity

Posted on Mon 25 June 2007 in General

A couple of years ago I bought a laptop from Dell. It was my first mail-order computer. This comic perfectly sums up my life during the 10 day period between when I placed the order and when the laptop arrived.

image0 From the always brilliant xkcd.com


Posted on Sat 02 September 2006 in General

I've begun reorganizing things here at diller.ca. The previous "home page" was whipped up in a couple of minutes and really kinda screamed "1996". So, in order to bring us into the now, I'm trying out a real publishing platform (the fabulous WordPress tool), which should make maintenance and additions to the site a bit less of an aruous task and therefore I should be motivated to update it more often. Stay tuned.


Posted on Sat 02 September 2006 in misc

I'm a software developer turned manager working at FreshBooks in Toronto, Canada.  I've been developing software professionally since about 1997 and amateurishly since the 80s.  I wrote my first program at about age 10 on a Commodore VIC-20 and I've been unable to stop since. I've been one of the organizers of TechTalksTO an ongoing speaker series and developer conference in Toronto.

I'm also part-time faculty at Toronto's Centennial College where I teach a couple of courses related to programming and software development methodologies and tools as part of the Interactive Digital Media graduate certificate program.