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Eek! A teenager!

13 years ago today I became the proud papa to a little girl. Now she’s a teenager. How the time flies!
Happy birthday, doodle!

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Bad Restaurant service? How does this happen?

We went out for dinner last night to a place we visit fairly often. A sign on the outside of the building proclaimed that it was “under new ownership”

Well, the service was pretty awful. Long delays, orders forgotten then botched, pretty much rotten all around. It got me wondering how a restaurant that provides crummy service can survive these days? There are restaurants everywhere, and competition for the average diner’s restaurant buck has got to be pretty fierce. Add to that the additional lines of communication that most people have nowadays with which they can communicate their bad experiences to their friends and family. An old yarn I learned years ago from a particularly customer service focussed boss was that people who have a bad experience tell 10 other people. If that was true in 1990, I have to think that the Internet has inflated that number in the ensuing years.

Let’s face it, food would have to be absolutely amazing and without peer to make suffering bad service worthwhile. I don’t know of any restaurants that meet that test. I can get my fill at any number of a dozen other restaurants within a few blocks of the one we went to last night…why would I go back there and risk another unpleasant experience when I can just avoid it and be happy?

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