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Check out my crappy taste in music!

You’ll notice a thing on the sidebar to your right that looks like this:
Feets74's Profile Page

That’s an automatically generated image listing the last 10 songs I listened to as recorded by the site. The time is messed up (I think it is GMT) but the track list is usually pretty much up to date with whatever I’ve been listening to. If you click it, you’ll go to my user page where you can find out all kinds of other stuff about my listening habits. More than you probably want to know. If you’re a user, add me as a friend!

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Erica’s 9th Birthday Party

Obviously, it was Halloween themed as we had it on the 28th of October. The kids wore their costumes and everyone had a great time. Check out the photo gallery for all the gory details!

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A few halloween pictures

I’ve added some pictures of our Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns and the kids’ costumes to the photo galleries. I have a bunch of pictures from Erica’s birthday party last weekend which I’ll post once I can sort through them and clear out the bad ones. I had a special request for the Halloween pictures so that’s why they’re going up out of order.

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