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Summer vacation photos are online

I’ve posted the photos from our summer vacation way back in July (has it been that long already??!!), there are also a couple of pictures from the days leading up to our moving out of East 21st Street. Click here for the photos!

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Back to School

The kids survived their first day at the new school. Julianna ran into an old friend from her old school who moved away a couple of years ago so that helped. Erica reports making a couple of new friends. Hopefully the worst of it is behind them and they’ll continue to adjust as they settle in to a new routine.

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Labour dabour

Ugly Wallpaper
Labour day weekend has been uneventful for us. I had planned to paint some trim om the house, but loads of rain have put the kaybosh on that idea. Instead I started ripping down the hideous wallpaper in our bedroom. Not the funnest of activities, but better than continuing to look at it every day. That stuff gives me nightmares.

I’ve also been working on reorganizing the mess that is (See below).

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I’ve begun reorganizing things here at The previous “home page” was whipped up in a couple of minutes and really kinda screamed “1996”. So, in order to bring us into the now, I’m trying out a real publishing platform (the fabulous WordPress tool), which should make maintenance and additions to the site a bit less of an aruous task and therefore I should be motivated to update it more often. Stay tuned.

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